Copyright Licensing

Copyright New Zealand

Let's do the right thing.

Every day, people copy and share printed material for all sorts of reasons.

Copyright Licensing New Zealand helps everyone who copies and shares anything from books and journals to do so legally. It's all about doing right by our New Zealand authors, publishers and creators.

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Authors, publishers and consumers

Understanding Copyright

Understanding copyright involves knowing what copyright is, who owns copyright and what your obligations are. Let Copyright Licensing New Zealand help you, find out what you need to know here.

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Staff to copy and scan from printed material

Licences & Permission

Make your life easier and enjoy hassle-free copying. We provide tailored solutions to business and education facilities that enable staff to share printed material with other staff and students. Find out more about our licences here.

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Authors, publishers and artists collect from licensing

Authors, Publishers & Artists

We’re focused on helping owners of creative content earn a living from their work. The net revenue we collect from licensing is distributed to the owners of the works copied. If you’re an author, publisher or artist, find out all you need to know here.

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