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Copyright Policy

As our name suggests, we are committed to protecting copyright.

Our copyright policy is intended to provide clear guidance to others on what they may do with our copyright material. If after reading this policy, you are uncertain about what you can do with our copyright material, please contact us.

Copyright Policy

All content, including webpages, documents, graphics, videos, and other resources, on our hosted internet pages containing the domain, and including but not limited to MyCopyright, knowledge bases, externally hosted videos, and eLearning modules are copyright.

Printed content and their digital equivalents including but not limited to licence documents and certificates, posters, brochures, flyers and other promotional or communications material are also copyright.

This content is jointly referred to as “our content” or “CLNZ’s content” in this policy. Except where indicated otherwise, the copyright in our content belongs to Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ), the trading name of Copyright Licensing Limited.

Rightsholders’ works excluded

Nothing in this copyright policy applies to works that belong to rightsholders who licence their work to licence holders through CLNZ’s licences. This material is not within the scope of this copyright policy. To learn how you can use copyright material belonging to other rightsholders under a CLNZ licence, refer to the licence resources available on our website or your licence document.

What can I do with CLNZ’s content?

This section describes what CLNZ authorises you to do with our content.

Current CLNZ licence-holders may print, store, re-use, and supply copyright content within the licence-holding organisation for the duration of the term of the CLNZ licence.

Former licence-holders may not print, store, and supply copyright content within the licence-holding organisation, except single copies of materials lawfully obtained during the duration of the licence, provided that these single copies are stored securely with a clear statement that the CLNZ licence is no longer active.

An organisation that does not hold a current CLNZ licence may not make use of our content in a way that may convey to others the impression that the organisation is a current CLNZ licence-holder. Other users of our copyright content not included in the aforementioned categories may reproduce, distribute, adapt, and translate copyright content without CLNZ’s explicit permission, provided that any changes made to the content are clearly indicated.

Adaptations, translations, or derivatives may not carry CLNZ’s logo unless explicit permission from CLNZ has been provided in advance of the creation of the adaptation, translation, or derivative. Our logo and brand are a registered trademark and may not be used without our prior express written permission. For any derivative work, please add this text to the work: “CLNZ assumes no liability or responsibility with regard to the edits made to, or translation of, the original work.”

When content published by CLNZ, such as images, graphics, trademarks or logos, is attributed to a third party, and you wish to re-use such content, then you are solely responsible for clearing the rights with the rightsholders of the content.


CLNZ does not provide legal advice, only general information on copyright. If you require expert or legal advice on copyright, you should seek the services of an experienced legal professional. We do not accept liability for consequences resulting from failure to obtain legal advice.

Last updated: 22/11/2022

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