Deidre Shea

Copyright licences enable schools to access and share print, music and audio visual content, far beyond what is permitted by the Copyright Act. A fully licensed school has the freedom to read more, hear more and see more content and use it, legally.

This is exactly why being licensed is so important to Deidre Shea, Principal of Onehunga High School.

“Our school has been licensed for many years and I can’t imagine not being licensed. It provides our staff and students greater access to a variety of work, and in particular, New Zealand content,” says Deidre.

Teachers and support staff at Onehunga High have been taught the “do’s and don’ts” of sharing content and a dedicated staff member in the Resource Room provides additional support when required.

“We ran a professional development session with our staff so that everyone gained an understanding of what a copyright license allowed them to do to support their teaching. Our staff member who understands all the ‘ins and outs’ of the license also helps,” says Deidre.

Access to New Zealand content is also important to Onehunga High. Deidre continues “We know that students engage with learning context more easily when they are able to identify with what’s being taught. New Zealand content is relevant, supports learning, and produces positive learning outcomes.”

Being licensed is the right thing to do in every sense of the word

Deidre Shea

“Not only for our students and teachers to access and share more content, but what’s equally important is supporting the people that create the work. Because without those people creating that content, we wouldn’t have the resources to teach the youth of New Zealand,” says Deidre.

Schools licensing

An exception in the New Zealand Copyright Act provides for some use of content in teaching for free. Schools that wish to provide their staff and students with access to material beyond what is permitted by law, can take out a CLNZ Education Licence. The licence fee paid is based on the number of students enrolled in each school.

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