Art+Object Auction House, lead a new direction for NZ artists.

Art+Object Auction House, lead a new direction for NZ artists.

One of the country’s leading auction houses Art+Object are the first to sign up to Copyright Licensing New Zealand’s (CLNZ) auction house licensing scheme.

The scheme will enable Aotearoa New Zealand artists to be paid for the reproduction of their work when it is advertised for sale on the secondary art market.

The licensing scheme enables artists to be remunerated when their artwork is reproduced to promote its sale on the secondary market, in accordance with New Zealand and international copyright law.

There are already 80 licensing agencies operating similar schemes for visual artists in over 60 countries including USA, Canada, most of Europe and Australia.

Copyright Licensing New Zealand is a not for profit organisation that has been the licensing management agency for the publishing industry for over 25 years. Currently representing more than 800 New Zealand authors and publishers and generating nearly $7 million each year in licensing revenue for authors and publishers it is a natural evolution for CLNZ to extend its licensing support to artists.

In 2007 Art+Object was founded with the goal to bring a more contemporary voice to the Australasian art auction scene. They have pioneered the presentation of contemporary art and objects in an auction context and have received phenomenal support over the years from collectors, dealers and artists.

Directors Leigh Melville and Ben Plumbly both value the industry that they work in greatly and are active participants as collectors and cheerleaders for contemporary art in its many guises.

“Recently we decided that after 16 years building the business, it was time to acknowledge a new direction. We would like to recognise the contribution that artists make to Art+Object and the industry we work in and will be encouraging our clients to join us in this initiative by making an appropriate contribution, thus recognising the artists, without whom none of this would be possible.”

CLNZ Chief Executive Paula Browning and Art Licensing Consultant, Caroline Stone, couldn’t agree more with Leigh. “It’s a wonderful step forward for Aotearoa’s artists that Art+Object have shown leadership and respect for artists and made this decision. We look forward to other auction houses doing the same and signing up to the licensing scheme. The more that our creative people are remunerated for their work, the more creativity we can have which benefits all New Zealanders.”

For more information about the Auction House Licensing Scheme, please read more here >>

There is no cost to artists to sign-up with CLNZ and you maintain 100% ownership of the copyright in your work. Join the many other New Zealand artists that have already registered and hear more about new licensing services as they are developed. Find out more here >>

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

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