CLNZ/PANZ Training Fund

The CLNZ Cultural Fund contributes to the PANZ Industry Training Fund. This training fund supports three programmes and provides development opportunities for each stage of a career in publishing.

The programmes are:

  • Mentoring Programme, aimed at business owners and top management
  • International Career Development Fund, aimed at senior and mid-level staff
  • Workshop Programme, aimed at all PANZ members, particularly those at a beginner and intermediate level of their publishing career

Click here for more information on each programme and to download the relevant application forms.

vary throughout the year (please visit the PANZ website for more information)

About the Cultural Fund

The Cultural Fund derives its revenue from a 2% share of domestic licensing income and from overseas revenue that is non-title specific. The Cultural Fund invests in people and projects that meet its objectives to:

  • Protect - writers and publishers’ ability to earn revenue from their works;
  • Support – the creation and production of new works and assist the commercial success of New Zealand works;
  • Grow – the number of works created and skills in the industry

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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