CLNZ Partnership Fund Grants

CLNZ Partnership Fund Grants

August 2023 Update: The final Partnership Fund grant for 2023 has now been awarded.

If you're looking for other funding opportunities, please check out our Cultural Fund as we have a number of different award and grant opportunities, depending on your project.

In 2022 and 2023 a portion of revenue allocated to the Cultural Fund was made available in a partnership fund. Expressions of Interest were invited for grants in the range of $2,000 - $5,000 per application.

Partnership Fund Grants were for opportunities that:

  • have clearly defined and measurable project outcomes
  • are being managed by recognised publishing industry organisations or individuals
  • have other funding or in-kind resources in place that, at a minimum, equals the funding sought from the Partnership Fund
  • meet the objectives of the Cultural Fund

We also looked for applications for projects that reach and engage communities of diverse writers and/or illustrators, including the next generation of writers and/or illustrators. Applicants must commit to paying a living wage to anyone working on the project.

Who we've partnered with

Who What Amount Date
Clerestory Press 23rd Annual Re-Draft Writing Competition for Teenagers


Aug 2023
Kāpiti Art Studio
Children's book written by Jill Drew and illustrated by local artists. $5,000 April 2023
Michael King Writers Centre
2023 Writer's residency at Varuna, the National Writers House in Katoomba, New South Wales.
$5,000 March 2023
OneTree House Bilingual publishing: three Out of the Egg titles; two Pipi and Pou titles. $5,000 January 2023
Trinity Thompson-Browne i am navigator, bilingual poetry debut.
$5,000 December 2022
Anahera Press
Birdspeak, a debut collection of poetry by Arihia Latham.
$2,000 December 2022
Helen Ellis Being a Distance Grandchild the third volume in Helen Ellis’ work on distance families.
$4,500 December 2022
WORD Christchurch Make It, Say It, Do It Now.
$3,645 August 2022
Playmarket Incorporated
Two Verbatim Plays: The Haka Party Incident / Transmission.
June 2022
Michael King Writers Centre
2022 Writer's residency at Varuna, the National Writers House in Katoomba, New South Wales.
March 2022

About the CLNZ Cultural Fund

The Cultural Fund derives its revenue from a 2% share of domestic licensing income and from overseas revenue that is non-title specific. The Cultural Fund invests in people and projects that meet its objectives to:

  • Protect - writers and publishers’ ability to earn revenue from their works;
  • Support – the creation and production of new works and assist the commercial success of New Zealand works;
  • Grow – the number of works created and skills in the industry

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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