Payday for New Zealand artists

Many New Zealand visual artists are missing out on a valuable income stream because until now they haven’t had access to the services of a New Zealand licensing agency. In an exciting move, we have launched a new service for artists.

The service will enable artists to earn money when their art is used for commercial or promotional purposes, including brochures and catalogues, websites and social media. It bridges the gap between artists and the organisations wanting to access art in this way, making obtaining permission and organising a licence quick and cost effective.

Copyright Licensing New Zealand has been the licensing management agency for the publishing industry for over 25 years. They currently represent more than 800 authors and publishers and last year paid them more than $6 million in total licensing revenue. They are working with Caroline Stone, an experienced art licensing consultant, to now offer this opportunity to artists.

Caroline is excited about this huge opportunity for Kiwi artists to generate additional income. She also sees this as a way for businesses to support local talent.

“Returning from New York, I was surprised to discover there wasn’t already a licensing agency for artists based in New Zealand. Overseas, they are commonplace.”

There are already 80 licensing agencies operating in over 60 countries including USA, Canada, most of Europe and Australia. Copyright Licensing New Zealand has looked to Australia’s Copyright Agency for support to ensure the offering and licensing fee structure is on par with international norms.

Organisations like Copyright Licensing New Zealand all operate as not for profits. They pay net licensing revenue directly to the artists when their work is reproduced. Artists can access this service for free and do not lose control of their art in any way.

Chief Executive of Copyright Licensing New Zealand, Paula Browning is keen to get behind artists and wants to make sure that the licensing service meets the needs of businesses too.

“Having Caroline onboard is a huge asset. Over the coming months, she will be focusing on engaging with artists to ensure they fully understand how licensing benefits them. We will work together to engage with commercial users of art.”

“We also have an excellent relationship with Copyright Agency, the Australian licensing body and their input into setting up the agreements and back end processes has been invaluable.”

More information and the sign up form can be found here >>

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

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